• Voice-Actor and Narrator Services

  • Emcee/Facilitator

  • Promotional Support for Film and TV Projects

  • Media Training

  • Full Service Event Photography/Videography

Voice-Actor and Narrator Services-

Known for his “Golden Voice,” Chris provides voice-acting services which include: reading scripts for movies, internet voice files, public service announcements and radio and television commercials. He is also available to narrate audio books, phone system hold messages and corporate or industrial training and educational videos. He can also prepare and deliver news, sports, and/or weather reports, with years of newsroom experience in a top 5 market, he will be sure to help you convey the required information and fit specific time slots. He is happy to talk to you about your broadcast needs including the production of radio and television spots.


With more than two decades of industry experience, Chris brings a special service to events serving as a Q&A facilitator and hosting panel interviews. As a moderator, Chris keeps the discussion at a pace that is both interesting and informative, while always bringing the conversation back to the event’s core message and goal. Chris can create questions and talking points for events that will engage the audience and reinforce the message. Other types of hosting services that Chris offers include: Radio Shows, TV Shows, Stage Facilitator and Celebrity Introductions.

Promotional Support for Film and TV Projects

Chris Howell Communications, LLC offers a variety of options for red carpet events and movie screenings, from facilitator to promotional videography and photography.

We also offer the opportunity to target key influencers attending your premiere to capture their thoughts regarding the film. We then produce a variety of short videos for you to share with churches, organizations and key influencers endorsing the film that is coming out and providing them an opportunity to share on their social media outlets. This is a great way to really leverage the influencers you have at the event and turn them into strong advocates and equip them with the tools they need to share the story.

Media Training-

It’s not the reporter’s questions that make a story newsworthy, it’s your answers.  In today’s media-savvy society, executives have only one chance to make a first impression. Whether you’re being interviewed on TV, in print, or on the radio. 

At Chris Howell Communications, LLC we specialize in media interviews, public speaking and speech training, to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interviews, presentations and public speaking. We provide a half-day up to two-day training programs where we teach you the do’s and don’ts, interview delivery techniques and tips on how to enhance speaker presence. We will also show you how to take control of the interview process while building relationships with reporters and news outlets. We’ll record the session on video and walk you through body language, show you how to articulate your answers and much more.

 Full Service Event Photography/Videography-

Ideal for Publicists and Public Relations teams, our photography and videography teams can deliver photos and videos that are just what you need for your newsroom, press release and social media outlets. Whether your special event is a corporate party, grand opening, red carpet, movie premier, business conference, convention, trade show, award ceremony, golf outing, product launch, corporate group photo or private party our team is there to capture the excitement.