Using Fear to Fuel Your Fire


As C.S. Lewis once said, “failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” Many let the fear of failure keep them from trying when in fact failure often leads us to success. Chris Howell shares his remarkable story of how he beat all odds to be the man he is today. He shares the journey of being the youngest of six children in a single parent home, a high school dropout, and a teenage father and how one of his greatest fears has always been that he would be a failure. He then shows how you can use fear as fuel to overcome obstacles. Also showing how your failures can sometimes bring about your greatest strengths.

When we choose not to allow fear to become a form of paralysis but instead become a form of motivation, it is a powerful thing. I will admit that fear had a grip on me for many years in different areas of my life. It was when I began to start studying the lives of others and seen that they too fought to overcome the paralysis that fears cause that I understood that I could do it also. When I chose to use this fear as a form of fuel to get me to where I want and needed to be in life. There is a difference many times on where we want to be and where we need to be; more on that another time, but I began to challenge myself in the areas that I was most afraid and with each challenge I learned that what I feared most never happened.


“Your failures can sometimes bring about your greatest strengths.”

chris howell

Jazzella McKeel Photography Chris Howell