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Speaker chris howell

Encouraged to Overcome


Mr. Howell knows a good deal about overcoming adversity and succeeding against all odds. He uses his story to show others that they too can overcome the fear of failure and any other hurdles they are facing in life.


Using Fear to Fuel Your Fire


As C.S. Lewis once said, “Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement.” Many let the fear of failure keep them from trying when in fact failure often leads us to success. Chris Howell shares his remarkable story of how he beat all odds to be the man he is today. He was the youngest of six children in a single parent home, a high school dropout, and a teenage father, and how one of his greatest fears has always been that he would be a failure. He then shows how you can use fear as fuel to overcome obstacles, proving that your failures can sometimes bring about your greatest strengths.

“When we choose not to allow fear to become a form of paralysis but instead a form of motivation, it is a powerful thing. I will admit that fear had a grip on me for many years in different areas of my life. It was when I began to start studying the lives of others and see that they too fought to overcome the paralysis of fear, that I understood I could do it, too. When I chose to use this fear as a form of fuel to get me to where I wanted and needed to be in life, I began to challenge myself in the areas that I was most afraid, and with each challenge I learned that what I feared most never came to fruition.”


“Your failures can sometimes bring about your greatest strengths.”

chris howell

Jazzella McKeel Photography Chris Howell

Overcoming Negative Thinking


Chris Howell’s ability to juggle work on NBC’s 5 Talk Street while running a successful multimedia production company, and also being an active husband and parent, requires commitment, focus, energy, and most of all, a sense of humor. He knows firsthand the power a positive attitude can have across all areas of life. Whether it’s work or parenting or being involved in your community, you cannot allow the inner negative critique to speak louder as it paralyzes us and prevents us from being the best we can be in all aspects of our life. Chris shares his optimistic perspective with audiences nationwide and shows how it can make a difference in your life.

“I have seen up close and personal the impact of negative thinking and how it places us in a position of standing in our own way. Moreover, I will admit that in a world of social media, from the moment we wake up and grab our phones to see that someone has more followers than we have, more likes on their post, the best job, spouse, or car, it can make positive thinking even more challenging. In order to overcome self-defeating thoughts, you have to come to a place where you realize you are running your own unique race in life and that you will get to where you need to be based on how and what you think and feel about yourself. Your cynical, negative thoughts are not helping you to win, and if they are not aiding in your winning, they are dead weight that is slowing you down.”


“In order to overcome self-defeating thoughts, you have to come to a place where you realize you are running your unique race in life… “

Chris howell

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Chosen to Provoke Change


George Burns said “I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.” Chris will work with an audience to explain how nothing happens by mere chance. Instead, we have been chosen to be part of certain relationships, business ventures, or ministries. Once we discover our individual identities and passions, we can begin to make a difference and truly see the change in our own lives and our work.

“Choosing not to fit in today can be a bit odd and, if I’m being honest, it can also be uncomfortable. I never want to be the speaker who seems to have a quick and easy fix on every situation we encounter in life. I believe it takes time to discover and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you not want to fit in with the crowd but, when you do, you begin to realize that you have something to add to the world and, dare I say, bring about a change where and when necessary.”


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