Chosen to Provoke Change


George Burns said “I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.” Chris will work with an audience to explain how nothing happens by mere chance. Instead, we have been chosen to be part of certain relationships, business ventures, or ministries. Once we discover our individual identities and passions, we can begin to make a difference and truly see the change in our own lives and our work.

“Choosing not to fit in today can be a bit odd and, if I’m being honest, it can also be uncomfortable. I never want to be the speaker who seems to have a quick and easy fix on every situation we encounter in life. I believe it takes time to discover and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you not want to fit in with the crowd but, when you do, you begin to realize that you have something to add to the world and, dare I say, bring about a change where and when necessary.”