First Impressions - Heaven is for Real


As we headed for the airport on the final day of shooting. I couldn't help but feel that we had just been blessed to see a part of a story that was larger than life. It was a surreal moment of reflection and then intense anticipation. It was a feeling shared by Studio Executive Devon Franklin as we posed on set for candid pictures with the real-life Burpo family. 

I had the same reflection last week as everyone gathered for all the excitement of the Red Carpet through the final credits of Heaven is for Real Premiere. Just before the red carpet CHC sat down with Director Randall Wallace, actress Margo Martindale and actor Greg Kinnear. They talked about the amazing chemistry between everyone on the project and the importance of working together with a higher purpose in mind.  

Their story was one so unique and so spiritually moving that it is hard to imagine. Yet it is a story that touches everyone and raises the candid and critical questions we all share about Heaven.

Over the next year the best-selling book would be crafted meticulously through the eyes of Director/Screenwriter Randall Wallace. Accurately interpreting the real-life story and working with the A-team on every facet of the project was a feeling shard by both Randall Wallace and co-producer T.D. Jakes. 

Randall Wallace is no stranger to box office brilliance. Having worked on such hits as Braveheart, Pearl Harbor, We were soldiers and Secretariat. 

At the Red Carpet Event we met Nick Carleton (Keyboard), David Spicely (Drums), Brando Gayle (Guitar) and Nathan Calistro (Bass) who performed on the soundtrack for the movie. Screenwriter Christopher Parker and wife Myung also joined the red carpet festivities. Christopher began his career writing animated films for Disney, Dreamworks and Fox Studios. He previously wrote Vampire in Brooklyn and Battle of the Year. He is currently working on a new inspirational faith based sports script, "Unleash the Mules".

Actor Connor Corum and his family are Ohio natives. Conner plays the pivotol role of young Colton Burpo in the movie. He began pursuing the role at age four and finally landed this his first role at age five. What made him stand out to the director was his ability to memorize and deliver such a strong and compelling character based solely on having worked with his mother before the auditions. 

Academy Award nominee and Emmy award winning actor Greg Kinnear plays Todd Burpo in the movie Heaven is for Real. During the making of the movie Greg was able to pull from his real life role as a family man in working with the youngest member of the films cast Conner Corum (Colton Burpo).

Emmy winner Margo Martindale (Nancy Rawlings) brings her exceptional talent to the project. Margo is a native of Jackson Texas. She is an amazing person inside and out and truly relates to the character in this movie and the importance of this story. We talked with her about a specific scene in the movie where she has to reflect on the loss of her son along with Greg Kinnear and as we talked the tears began to swell in our eyes. The role and the story both hit home for these incredible actors. 

Heaven is for Real co-producer T.D. Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes also join the red-carpet premiere. Discussing the importance of bringing stories like this one to the masses and helping to elevate the discussions that matter. It was in that moment that we also each knew that this amazing story would be wildly received. 


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