The Importance of Branding

I recently read a blog that I truly feel encompassed what personal branding is all about. In the blog the author talked about the importance of having a personal brand because it is essentially how you choose to present yourself. She explained that by creating a strong personal brand it will help you achieve your dream level success no matter what it looks like to you.  I found that as I read her tips I realized that this is what we align with in helping our clients reach their branding goals.

Time and time again we have clients come to us and ask “What is the importance of a personal brand?” We explain that is what shapes you and presents who you are and what you have to offer to the public. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the great tips below:

The five tips she gave are below:

1. Be authentic

You need to develop your personal brand in light of who you actually are. Look at your strengths, your likes, where you shine, how you like to dress etc. When you strip away the mask, who are you really, and how can you show up in a way that allows your true authentic self to show through? That is the essence of your personal brand, and the only essence that you want to build on. Fake it till you make it is not something you want to project when we are talking about your brand.

2. Make sure you can 'be you' where you work

Once you have worked out who you really are and therefore what your personal brand should be, the next step is how you bring your full and authentic self to work everyday in a way you can flourish. If you feel confined, constrained and like you just don't fit with how you are expected to show up in your work, then here is a hint -- you may be in the wrong job. So think about your passion, purpose and reason for being, and see where it leads you. You may need to make a change to truly thrive at work.

3. Be known for something

To really shine, you need be clear on who you are, what you want, and you need to harness and build your skills and knowledge. The key is to not only build them, but to become known for them, in a way that differentiates you from everyone else. It's not just enough that you know what you know -- others have to know that you know it. This is how you become a thought leader or an expert.

4. Get your behavior in check

Many of the things that are critical to building your brand are not about knowledge, they aren't about how you look, and they aren't about how firm your handshake is (but yes, firm is always best).

5. Build and own your personal brand online

How you show up online is just as important (or maybe even more important these days) than how you show up in person. It can literally make or break you, in terms of others' perception and your reputation. If you haven't done a Google search on yourself recently, then you need to do one.

Written By: Megan Dalla-Camina. Connect with her on Twitter at @mdallacamina  

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