God Knows What We Need...

I have not celebrated this final holiday of the summer as I have in the past. In fact, today has been a bit of a challenging day; I have not shared publicly that my mom passed away July 29th and as you can imagine it has been many challenging days since then. I jumped on Twitter this afternoon to get a glimpse of what was going on around the world and saw that there was a tweet that I had been mentioned in. I went to investigate just what this could be and it turned out to be a source of inspiration and encouragement that I didn't expect. It was this interview:

I did this interview with Estar in 2007, and it was a blessing then to be talking with a young lady full of faith and wisdom beyond her years...It was a great reminder today and my hope that tomorrow will be a better day.....My thanks to Shawn Wood for finding this and posting it.

Estar's ebook is available on Amazon.com click the link: http://www.amazon.com/Estar-Hester/e/B00N22CORK



Chris Howell