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In this podcast, you will be given an opportunity to go beyond the surface of the typical “interview style” banter.

The attributes you feel you need to reach your next level are explored within every conversation and within every guest.

Be the proverbial fly on the wall as you listen to conversations that are sure to help you map out strategies for taking advantage of what’s yours. 

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On Today’s Episode:

Chris Howell talks with James Thomas, who is the CEO and publisher of the Southern Dallas County Business & Living Magazine. James shares his humble beginnings as a youth, where the seeds of entrepreneurship were planted in him, which ultimately lead to James finding and sustaining success.  His growing magazine and expanding media organization, aims to serve the need of the community, by offering stories and articles that empower and inform the reader, on how to be better individuals and a better as community.


Interview Topics:

·         Who is James Thomas

·         What it’s been like to have longevity in marriage (over 20 years)

·          What made James Thomas decide to do something different aside from the norm of the                      environment he grew up in

·         Reflecting back, what it feels like now, in light of James’ past, to the success of founding his own                magazine

·         What inspired James to go into business for himself

·         What lead to the launching of the magazine

·         How James has sustained his success in an industry where many of the other bigger                              organizations have closed their doors

·         How you can create the value for your business that people will eagerly pay for

·         What’s next for James Thomas

·         What does James what people to remember him by and the one word that best describes James        Thomas


3 Principals for Success:

1.    Understand the power of having a good team.

2.    Have a mission statement.

3.    What is your legacy? What are you doing right now to create your legacy?


Mentioned In Episode:

K Mills Collection


James Thomas

·         CEO of Power Media LLC and publisher of Dallas South Business & Living Magazine

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Southern Dallas County Business & Living Magazine



Topic: The Fight Within (Movie)


Episode No: 34


On Today’s Episode:

Chris shares a conversation with writer and executive producer, Jim Davis, regarding a film project that Jim and his family partnered to produce entitled, “The Fight Within.” It was released in theaters in August of 2016 and just recently became available on Blu-Ray, DVD. Jim is not someone who spends time in Hollywood creating movies, in fact he is a businessman in Alabama, and he really grew tired of what he was seeing being produced and rather than being a voice shouting at the darkness he decided to light a candle.


Interview Topics:

·      Jim’s reason for making the movie

·      Why did Jim make a faith based film that appeals to men and real life struggles

·      Jim describes the film in 3 words or less

·      What does “The Fight Within” teach viewers about fights we are pulled into that we did not intend to be a part of

·      How was working with Jim’s own son in the movie project

·      What is the ultimate message of the movie

·      How does Jim feel personally about the positive feedback about the movie

·      What is the one thing audiences walk away with from watching the movie


3 Principals For Success:

1.    Going out on a limb and doing something about (something you stand for)

2.    Trust God and be obedient to God’s leading

3.    You want to be the best you can be (in any field or profession) if you go after something



Jim Davis

·      Businessman

·      Writer

·      Executive Producer

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The Fight Within (Movie)

Topic: The Pretty Motivated Program

Episode No: 33

On Today’s Episode:

Chris talks with Trina Jones, the creator and founder of a new empowering program called, “Pretty Motivated.” She speaks about how this course will take your life to the next level by introducing you to practical meals, mantras and daily practices to be confident and the most energized version of yourself.

Interview Topics:

·         Who is Trina Jones

·         The journey to starting Pretty Motivated

·         The launch of the Pretty Motivated Program 1st course, “Sexy Inside Out”

·         Trina’s transition into becoming a vegan

·         Pretty Motivated as a total lifestyle change

·         Who is the ideal person for the Pretty Motivated program

·         Some of the other aspects of the program that folks will get excited about

·         Trina’s own turning point in life for her to start to create the life she wanted

·         How to join the Pretty Motivated ongoing program

·         What’s next for Trina Jones

3 Principals for Success:

1.       From your pain, can come your purpose

2.       We create the things we wish existed for us

3.       Show up to your next level ready

Mentioned in Episode:

Sexy Inside Out: A Seductive Course to a Sexy Body & Life


Trina Jones

·         CEO of Pretty Motivated

·         Make-up Artist

·         Lifestyle Coach

·         Empowerment Trainer

·         Entrepreneur

Pretty Motivated Website:

Topic: Principles for Success Takeover

Episode No: 31

On Today’s Episode: 
Ebony Combs turns the tables and interviews, Chris Howell, where he shares his high levels of success, the organic relationships Chris has built through his work and how you too can attain the same degree of success just with your purpose, your walk, what you were destined to do.

Interview Topics:
•    A background of Chris Howell’s humble beginnings, family, and life experiences that lead to his career path
•    Origins of Chris’ relationship with Bishop T.D. Jakes
•    How Chris developed his interviewing skills
•    Chris’ advice for people who wants to enter the field of journalism
•    One word that describes Chris Howell
•    God’s role in Chris’ entrepreneurial life
•    The importance of a mentor for new entrepreneurs
•    How Chris maximizes his time and what does a typical day look like
•    The steps Chris took to build his brand and how he maintains the connections and       relationships he has made over the years
•    The Chris Howell Foundation HIV/AIDS awareness community outreach
•    What’s next for Chris Howell and Chris Howell Communications

3 Principles For Success: 
1.    You have to work hard to get to where you want to be
2.    You have to value relationships and don’t burn bridges
3.    Take on the challenges life throws at you and not to complain about them, not to shrink back, but step up to them and give it your all

Chris Howell
•    Award-Winning Author
•    Speaker
•    Veteran Broadcast Personality
•    President & CEO of Chris Howell Communications, LLC.

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Topic: How to Better Understand Social Media and How to Use Your Brand to Leverage It

Episode No: 30

On Today’s Episode: 
Chris talks with Ebony Combs about her personal journey in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Ebony shares how she discovered her real strength; from being a single mother to starting her company. Be inspired as you listen to Ebony encourage everyone to be confident in using your voice and to no longer be quiet about the things that you desire.

Interview Topics:
•    Who is Ebony Combs
•    How Ebony started the road to journalism
•    Having the village (family) in place to help Ebony transition from a Corporate job into Entrepreneurship
•    Having both parents at home helped and shaped Ebony’s inner strength
•    How Ebony got the opportunity to write for The Huffington Post
•    How Ebony determines what will attract a following in which they can relate to you
•    About Entrepreneurship; Is there something Ebony would have done differently before taking that leap
•    What did Ebony learn about herself, that she would not learn otherwise, had she not stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship
•    How Ebony learned to hone her “voice” and how she felt as a result of it
•    The things Ebony has learned through her journey as an Entrepreneur, and in life, that allowed her to obtain her level of success
•    What is a hair coach
•    What is next for Ebony Combs

3 Principles For Success: 
1.    Having Faith. Not be apologetic about it. Walk into a room, and letting people see God in you.
2.    Trust Your Gut. Go with the thing you’ve learned along the way, the life principles more than the degrees.
3.    Serve Others. Make sure the gains are not just for you, but you are spreading love and serving and living in that servitude space.

Topic: God Speaks Your Love Language: How to Feel and Reflect God's Love

Episode No: 29

On Today's Episode: 
Dr. Gary Chapman says that the God of the universe speaks your love language and your love language shapes your expressions of love for Him. You'll learn how you can give and receive God's love through the five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. And as you begin to identify the variety of languages God uses to speak love to you and others, you can learn to speak lovingly back to God and those around you. No matter what love language you prefer, you will become more deeply connected with God and watch this bond transform all of your relationships.

Interview Topics:
An overview of "The 5 Love Languages" book series and the book "God Speaks Your Love Language."
How we best communicate with God
How does God discipline us through the love language
How does understanding our love language as a human help us to better understand God divine love for us
Does our love language change over time
How the release of the book relates to the current state of affairs with many families suffering through the harsh economic crisis (2009)
What is the one key thing readers will take away from the book

3 Principals For Success: 
The awareness that Christianity is a love relationship with God. It's not a religion in the strictest sense. Religion is a plan, a system of thinking and a system of doing, created by man. And they are good; many religions have good things; you do this, you don't do this, and those are useful guidelines. Christianity in its essence not a list of things we do and don't do, it's a love relationship with God. And if we see it as that we'll understand and experience how it looks like; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's not a Sunday thing; it's a daily thing, a love relationship with God.

Mentioned In Episode:
Discover Your Love Language Profile

Dr. Gary Chapman
Over 35 years of pastoring and marriage counseling
Hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, A Love Language Minute, and a Saturday morning program, Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman

Social Media Links:

God Speaks Your Love Language: How to Feel and Reflect God's Love

Quotes and Notes from Episode:
Christianity in its essence not a list of things we do and don't do, it's a love relationship with God.
What makes me feel loved doesn't make another person feel loved.
Each of us has a primary love language; one of those five speaks more deeply to us than the other 4. And if you don't speak your spouses' primary love language they will not feel loved, even though you are speaking some of the other love languages.
Listen to your complaints because what you complain about in a relationship reveals the heart, it's what you're longing for inside, it's what makes you feel loved.
Conversion experiences (when a person becomes a Christian) often parallels a person's love language.
God loves us enough that He tends to speak our language to draw us to Himself.
After we become Christian, we tend to express our love to God in our love language.
Children also have a love language.
God… often uses our love language as a means of discipline to us.
Discipline is not the only correction; discipline is also often turning people in another direction.
Just like in human relationships, a love relationship with God can become a ritual.
God never intended that our relationship with Him would grow stale or be ritual. He wants it to be alive and vibrant.
Learn some different dialects of your love language.
Learn to speak the other love languages.
Our love language tends to stay with us for a lifetime.
Anytime we're going through a crisis or a time of struggle we tend to be more open to God.
It's not about how many things we have; it's really about our relationship with God.
The important thing is that I walked with God and I had good relationships with people.

Author and speaker Nikki Alexander shares with Chris how she has overcome 25-years of abuse and is now walking in victory and she's sharing her story to help other do the same.

"Marcus “M-Positive” Parker, shares his life story and personal journey towards transforming himself into one of the most sought after, motivational speakers for youth. Whether he's traveling to schools, churches, or other venues, Marcus uses his energetic speaking style, to engage and encourage youth groups, in staying positive and overcoming their adversities." For more information on Marcus "M-Positive" Parker, go to

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