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The Chris Howell Show is a weekly(Thursdays @ 9 a.m. CST) television talk show program housed on the web that focuses on a variety of topics pertaining to achieving dreams, advice, and inspiration through sincere exchanges with interesting people. No interviews, just conversations.

At the core of each conversation, guests on The Chris Howell Show openly and candidly provide their regimes, advice and inspirational moments to an audience looking to wake up and claim their destiny throughout the many facets of their life.

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A Conversation w/Breanna Hawkins


A Conversation w/Pastor Fred Thomas


A Conversation w/Rachel L. Proctor

A Conversation w/Candy Smith


A Conversation w/Froswa' Booker Drew


Born HIV Positive...32 Years Ago

Danielle Botello sits down with Chris to tell her story of being born HIV Positive and how she is now working with others as an HIV Peer Advocate. 

Discussing Gun Safety w/ Alfred Dixon of D3 Weapons Training

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Take a look at Chris' conversation  w/Joel Osteen

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