7 Reasons Why Videography is a Natural Progression of Storytelling

1.    Storytelling through video keeps up with the times. Computers are the new books. They have become a key element for both gathering and providing information to the public.  You can log on to any site and find videos keeping you updated on the latest news or your favorite television shows.

2.     Storytelling through video leaves you with lasting memories. Whether it’s a special birthday or a monumental milestone, some events are best captured with video.  Your loved ones and even your colleagues can be a part of a special memory that will last a lifetime.

3.    Storytelling through video is more accessible.  Obtaining a tablet, computer, or cell phone has become easier, and it’s the norm.  The process to even obtain reading materials has filtered over to e-books and similar applications.  Now we have the advantage of watching a video “on the go”.

4.    Storytelling through video helps with your brand.  The way you tell your story and the elements involved will show who you are. It can help establish a real connection between you and your audience.

5.     Storytelling through video can be shared.  It’s simple to share videos whether you share it through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. Videos go viral within minutes with just a click of the share or send button. That means more exposure and hopefully more support.

6.    Storytelling through video is more engaging.  When a story is told effectively, it will keep your audience’s attention. It’s almost like a teaser from a 30 second trailer; they will want to know more. Let’s face it, outlined facts and figures may not be enough to keep your audience engaged.

7.    Storytelling through video can motivate your audience.  Stories uniquely tug at the heartstrings of people as well as increase the awareness of why a product is needed. It can motivate others to help you reach your goal; we all win.


View the video below and hear the remarkable story of

St. Paul United Methodist Church


Chris Howell