From Me To You

It has been challenged with the advances of technology, even in businesses. Meetings are filled with mundane Power Point presentations, memorandums, and 10 page proposals. Now in no way am I saying you should do away with proposals or Power Point presentations; however, I am asking you to consider bringing the art of storytelling back –-- through video.

Telling your story through video and making your consumers aware of your product allows storytelling to adapt and evolve without losing those who are drawn to technology. 

When I was younger, I remember hearing the best stories being told through music. Artists like Shirley Caesar, James Cleveland, and even various blues artists were able to tell a story in a way that helped me visualize the people and place images with the words they were describing. The stories would set up the song and have me drawn in before the singing had begun. Shirley Caesar was great at doing this. She had one particular song, “Don’t Drive Your Mama Away” that rings in my head, even now. She told a story about 2 young brothers; one brother who had loved his mother very much and gave her little to no problems. The other brother was “no good” and he stayed in trouble. Eventually the “good son” went on to college, received his degree and ultimately became a doctor making really good money. The other son was in and out of court and the mom was always working her finger to the bone to get him out of trouble. The story went on to talk about the “good son” getting married and having children, all while taking care of his mother. However, the wife didn’t like how her mother-in-law used bad English and grammar in front of her children so she suggested they put her in a nursing home, and her husband, the “good son”, obliged. While they were on their way to the nursing home, they ran into the “not so good son” and he explained how his life had changed, how he didn’t do the things he used to do and how he would love more than anything if his mother would come and stay with him. He didn’t have the fancy cars nor the big house with a wife and kids, but what he did have, it was hers.

I’m sure many people could relate to this story in some way, shape, or form. It was such a story that was shared particularly during Mother’s Day, and as we’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day, this song is still one of my favorites. 

Now that I've peaked your interest, hit play below to hear the song.

Chris Howell